Dummy formula. Play Thai dummy. How to play to earn money?

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  1. Must understand the purpose of playing dummy first that. The player wins only when the cards are arranged in a set of at least 3 cards, for example:
  • Straight flush is the card with the highest points A, K, Q, J, 10 of the same suit.
  • Four cards are 4 cards of the same rank of any value.
  • A full house card is a triple card that has all 3 or a pair of cards.
  • Straight cards or sequential cards are 5 cards of consecutive ranks, any flower, but the flower color must be the same color.
  1. Must understand the score counting of playing dummy. After there is a knockout winner, the decision will begin again. If anyone has a card point of 500-1000 points, it will be the runner-up and get the secondary prize.
  • Spato cards are cards of 2 clubs and madam of hearts, 50 points.
  • Cards K, Q, J, 10 except Mam Pho Dam, every flower 10 points UFABET
  • Cards numbered 2-9, every suit 5 points.
  • Every Ace A is 15 points.
  • The head card is the top card of the draw pile, 50 points.

Must understand the vocabulary to play dummy.

  • Spato is a card of 2 clubs and madam of spades in the middle. On the other hand, any player has a spato, birth card, triple card 2, triple Q, including line cards 9 10 J, immediately plus 50 points.
  • Born: The player picks up a card from the middle and turns it into a suit. Solitaire and Tongs
  • Deposit is when someone is “born” and continues to connect or reduce cards. For example, if you are playing with 7 8 9 cards, you can deposit 6 and 10.
  • Collect means the player collects only 1 card from the discard pile to play at a time.
  • Knock win is any player doing any method until there is only 1 card left.
  • Dark knock win is the player draws a card and immediately wins “knock”, receives 100 points, if it is the same color, receives 200 points.
  • Discard is the player discarding the card that has from the deposit is deducted 50 points.
  • Stupid Discard is a player who discards a card until the other person picks up the card and wins a knockout.
  • Hands down: the player holds the spate until the winner is knocked out.
  1. It is important to understand the payout ratio for the benefits and advantages of playing.
  • Player with the most points have to spend the least amount of money
  • medium scorer need to pay mediocre
  • The person with the least points waste the most money.

Actually, the dummy formula doesn’t have a specific secret formula. Or fixed formula where you can do more research and play first to find techniques. That are suitable for themselves and that can be applied in every situation Let’s have fun together today. Just sign up with us!